eMailStor CloudApp is our SaaS ( Software as a Service ) Application stack - this offers a delivery ( and licensing ) model for applications provided on a subscription basis and centrally hosted, removing the need for the client to run complex, costly and management-heavy computing systems themselves. Automated backups and upgrades, no hardware and/or software purchases, no IT support requirements and no outages are some of the benefits of running your applications on our system. All this is provided under a single monthly subscription - if you have a hosting package with us, then your SaaS application(s) will be included in the same invoice.

  • fast, reliable and low-cost application service
  • save effort and time in researching and deploying applications
  • secure ( SSL encryption ) and optimised performance
  • maintain backup/parallel environments
  • 0-cost investment
  • integrated backup service
  • automatic upgrades to the latest versions and patches
  • fast deployment

We have divided our SaaS menu into a series of application categories - pick a category below to explore further:


Content Management Systems


Customer Relationship Mangement (CRM)/Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)


Medical Practice Management


Project Management




Forum / Live Support


Test Management & Code Review


Business Process Management (BPM) / Document Management


Web Analytics


eCommerce Platforms and Plugins


Issue Tracking, Bug Tracking and Ticketing


Invoicing / Accounting


Asset Management


Source/Version Control


Wiki / Blog / Mailing List


Classifieds / Social Networking


Digital Asset Management


Human Resource Management (HRM)
























Our SaaS hosting prices are separated into 3 classes: A, B and C - each application in the sections above will have the price class listed below it. Pricing for each class can be found here Pricing in the CloudApp section. Note that our responsibilities w.r.t. CloudApp are listed in our Terms of Service.