Most general services we offer are done so on our shared hosting platform but we understand that some customers may required customised and non-shared solutions for reasons like security, J2EE applications, high performance requirements or other. Here follows some hardware options for standalone hosting.


Virtual machine images

 VM, 1 vCPU, 2GB memory, 100GB traffic/month, 100GB disk

R 425-00/month

 VM, 2 vCPU, 4GB memory, 250GB traffic/month, 200GB disk

R 625-00/month

VM, 3 vCPU, 6GB memory, 450GB traffic/month, 300GB disk

R 845-00/month


( Setup R 350-00 per VM )


Physical machines

 Xeon e3 4core, 16GB memory, 2TB traffic/month, 1TB disk raw

R 1295-00/month

( Setup R 450-00 per physical machine and R 350-00 per VM )

Xeon e5 4core, 32GB memory, 4TB traffic/month, 2TB disk raw

R 1895-00/month

( Setup R 700-00 per physical machine and R 350-00 per VM )

 Xeon e5 6core, 64GB memory, 6TB traffic/month, 3TB disk raw

R 2995-00/month

( Setup R 950-00 per physical machine and R 350-00 per VM )



  • We currently offer Centos 6 or 7 for these environments but will take the lead from clients should they require something else
  • All virtualisation is via Linux/KVM
  • Backups are performed both on-system and to our AWS-backed CloudStor system ( these are at an additional cost )
  • Applications supported in the customised environments include
    • OTRS
    • Tomcat
    • other J2EE environments like Geronimo, MyFaces, etc.
    • per-process ( ie. non-Apache ) Perl applications
    • CouchDB, Hadoop and Cassandra
    • Databases => 20GB
    • CloudStack and OpenStack