eMailStor DNS Global is a service that combines domain registration ( for za domains ) with eMailStor DNS Hosting, and includes annual fees. Let us manage all your DNS requirements so you never have to worry about the suspension of your domain(s) due to late, missed or non-payment of hosting or registrar fees.

eMailStor is now an EPP-approved reseller for the ZACR domain space. Our aim is to make your domain experience for .za even better, faster and easier. Included in our Global DNS Hosting package, all your domain requirements are met with a single invoice once a year and simplified management.

DNS Hosting Features:

  • bulk zone and record management
  • all record types including TXT, SPF and PTR
  • low and custom TTLs on record changes
  • dynamic dns support
  • global system providing reliability, stability and performance

.za Domain Management Features:

  • easy transfer in/away
  • fast turnaround for domain actions ( registration, renewal, updates, etc. )
  • consistent contact and name server details
  • compliant¬†with ECT Act

Supported Domains:

  •,,, and .za
  •, .com, .net, .mobi, .biz and .info
  • .joburg, .capetown and .durban