eMailStor CloudStor is a business-class cloud-based storage service featuring a host of fantastic capabilities including:

  • file and folder sharing
  • desktop sync client - Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
  • iOS and Android clients
  • data transfer encryption ( over https )
  • server-side file encryption
  • versioning
  • public and group link sharing
  • web browser-based file and folder operations
  • new drag and drop file manager
  • suitable for data backup and replication
  • calendar via ClaDav
  • address book via CardDav
  • music streaming with ampache-compatible players
  • video streaming
  • OpenID/LDAP authentication
  • text editor
  • PDF and ODF viewer
  • image gallery
  • Google address book sync
  • fine-grained permissions control
  • task manager



There are a number of new features in the 2.5 client including:

  • HIDPI support on Mac OS
  • sharing from desktop
  • enhanced usage of parallel requests to v8+ OC/NC servers
  • selective sync
  • big file chunking - large files are split into chunks and uploaded separately
  • up- and download-resume - interrupted downloads will restart from the interruption point
  • source file verification - to check that the source file is valid and finished copying into shared locaiton
  • new setup dialogue
  • selective sync - choose what you want to sync, within a sync area

 Client Downloads for CloudStor:

Linux or the respective repository


Mac OS X

Outlook and Thunderbird integration


The Android and iOS clients are available from their respective APP stores.