The following document provides a in-depth look at using the CloudStor calendar and contacts sync options. We will focus on:




Creating and sharing a calendar in the CloudStor interface

 Login to your CloudStor account via the web portal at

Click on the calendar icon on the top icon menu (tooltips are available if you hover over the icons)


Click on the New Calendar link, enter a name for the calendar and click the tick mark



After the calendar is created, you can click the 3 dots next to the calendar and then Edit to change the colour of calendar entries as well as the calendar name


To find the caldav link you need to configure your email client or calendar app, click the 3 dots next to the calendar and then Link - copy the address for use in your calendar app


If the calendar is to be shared, you can do so by clicking the share link next to the calendar. There are 2 options:

share with another CloudStor user - enter these into the dialogue box

share with a non-CloudStor user (via link) - click the Share Link selection box, click the envelope next to public access, enter the email address in the dialogue box, click send



Thunderbird Calendar configuration

Open Thunderbird and go to the Thunderbird menu, Events and Tasks, and then click on the Calendar option


The calendar app will open in a new tab

Right click ion the empty space below the current month and Calendar section, and select New Calendar


The "Create New Calendar" wizard starts

Select On the Network and then the Next button


Choose the CalDAV option for format and paste the calendar link from earlier into the location box.


Give the calendar a name, assign a colour and an email account to be used for this calendar.


Click Finish

Your calendar is now created and when you select it from the list of available calendars, it becomes the default calendar that invitations will be sent from.

You can now either click the Event icon in the top menu or right-click on a date in the calendar view to create new events.


Details on Outlook connection

You can download the Outlook Calendar Synchronizer plugin here

Here is a link to a tutorial on configuring the plugin for Outlook


Connecting your calendar to Android

Android makes use of a 3rd party app called DAVx5 (formerly DavDroid) - we suggest you purchase this app to gain full functionality.

Follow these steps to configure DAVx5 for your calendar account.